What, When, & Where

We offer our class on

Wednesdays from  11:30 - 2:00

We are near Northgate Mall.

Here is a link to 

Students attend class once a week for about one year.  It looks like this:

CM=Core Mindfulness                 DT=Distress Tolerance

IE=Interpersonal Effectiveness     ER=Emotion Regulation  

As you can see, each student will

work through the curriculum in 25 weeks, and

then will repeat the whole thing again to solidify

learning.  A year seems like a long time when

you're just getting started, but for most people

 it goes by really fast.  

Each student is given a manual that contains handouts and homework sheets to help you learn and practice.  The format for each class looks like this:


Homework review


New material

Assign homework

Wind down

5 minutes

about an hour

10 - 15 minutes

about an hour

10 - 15 minutes

2 minutes

What if I Want to Join?

Excellent! We look forward to hearing from you. If you are interested in finding out more, or would like to see about openings in the class, contact Bob.

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