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DBT Elevator Speech

DBT, or Dialectical Behavior Therapy, is a talk therapy that helps people improve their lives.  It is designed to help people:


  •  solve problems             

  •  get off the rollercoaster of emotions 

  •  control destructive impulses 

  •  survive when life is terrible 

  •  live a worthwhile life

DBT might be helpful to you if you are having trouble with:

  •   anxiety          

  •   depression        

  •   destructive impulses    

  •   intense anger

  •   intense shame or guilt

  •   difficulty getting what you want

  •   difficulty getting or keeping relationships

  •   conflict with other people

  •   loneliness

DBT has two main parts:

1.  Individual Counseling - one on one meetings with a therapist to get control of 

destructive impulses and figure out how to live a happy life.

2.  Skills Training - usually done in a group or class setting, DBT skills training is about learning and practicing life skills aimed at:​

  • increasing mindfulness - learning to go within ourselves to see where we truly stand on things despite the ups and downs of our thoughts, our feelings, or the world around us

  • increasing distress tolerance - learning how to handle crises and pain without making things worse

  • increasing emotion regulation - learning to reduce strong emotions that can take over and run us

  • increasing skillfulness in relationships - learning how to ask for what we want in an effective way, and learning how to maintain or improve relationships while we maintain or improve our self-respect​

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